Photo Special Effects – 11 Techniques To Transform Your Pictures

Learn Photo Special Effects To Make Good Pictures Look  Great!

Taking a photo is easy but making it a fantastic one that you’d want to frame can seem very difficult when many times it is not. The fun starts when a photographer is confident enough to jump into trying their hand at photo special effects and learning to create mind blowing imaginative images.

There are plenty of ways to add special effects to your photographs both before and after you take the picture. Whether it’s a trick with light or a certain tilt to your image, or something in post-production where you enhance a color or change the way the image looks, you can make your photo something special.


Painting With Light Orbs

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Trick Photography Special Effects Are Our Favorite:

Here at Trick Photo Tips we love the trick photography techniques that make photos look out of this world. Here’s a list of the typical photo special effects that get our undivided attention:

Light paintings:

Painting with lightis the technique where light is manipulated to create shimmer orbs and stunning twists of light and shape

Steel Wool Sparks photography:

A special effect that catches the light motion of flaming steel wool as it spins, twists and twirls with fantastic results

Multiplicity Photography:

Multiplicity is the art of manipulating a photograph so that a person or object appears in the same photo frame multiple times in different positions

Levitation photography

Levitation special effects creates image where objects or people seem to hang in the air in suspended animation

levitation photography of fruit

Moving Water and Water Splash Photography:

High speed photography used to ‘freeze’ the action of splashing water and create some stunning images

Smoke & Steam Special Effects

Creating photo illusions of smoke and steam so that your photos are literally “smokin”.

Invisibility photography

In these photo special effects an object or person literally disappears and leaves just a hint ( such as empty clothing) to show they are in the picture.

invisibility photography

Actually the list goes on of our favorite trick photo special effects,,,but to be fair to the more standard photographer here are some of the other photo special effects that are better known:

More Common Photo Special Effects:

The Tilt

The tilt and shift will make images look like they are miniatures of the original image. You can take sprawling cities filled with vehicles and make them look like toys, or even artistic sketches. The tilt is a fun effect that helps create unique imagery, for just about any environment and subject.

 HDR for High Definition Action!

HDR, or high dynamic range, produces some of the most striking images you’ll ever see. It takes advantage of the light in an image to make sharp, vibrant images that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. This type of effect is available on a number of different cameras model sand there are tutorials out there on how to capture this sort of image as well.

Infrared As An After Effect

Infrared photography used to be more common however for some reason the nice photography effects it offers seems to have been forgotten. Fortunately this effect can still be achieved through Photoshop and various other programs that alter images. Infrared has a haunting look to it and it’s something many photographers should take advantage of.

infrared photography

Bright Light and a Wide Lens

Whether it’s sunbeams, stars, or just a bright light, you can turn a small scale light into a large shining one with a wide-angle lens. The sun can be the center of your composition, or something off in the distance, but its effects will be known when you capture the rays of that bright light and use a wide angle lens to emphasize it.

Auto-Level Adjustment

If you want to make a photo look more like a painting you can adjust the levels of the colors using photo manipulation software or on online photography platforms. Photoshop and most other programs for editing photos have a color level command that allows you to mix them up yourself. By changing the color composition of your photo you can take it from a nice image of the night sky and make it a color plateau floating in the air. Play around with the colors and see just how much of an effect it can have on your image, it’s actually an impressive effect.

Creating special effects might sound like it could be challenging for beginners but it is actually a very achievable task with the right teacher! You’ll even impress yourself with the awesome effects you’ll create.

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Photo special effects course

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